Unemployment & layoffs

3 ways to ease your job search

Ok, sitting at home on the couch munching on junk food won't get you anywhere in this world, just like trying to get a job without sending out some resumes. Here are 3 easy ways to ease your job search.

1) Attend job fairs

“Shouldn’t the job go to the most qualified applicant?”

Of course it should, but like my mom used to say “What should be and what is are often 2 different things.”

The sad fact is that getting a job is a different matter than doing it. With the job market being so bad and every potential employer being buried in applications, just getting an interview can be a lot harder than the job it’s for.

20 Reasons Why NOT To Be A Freelancer

Wouldn't it be great to be your own boss?

Absolutely not!

Everyone talks like free-lancing is the best thing in the world but it's actually a really tough choice to make. Are people schmucks just because they want to work out of a tall high-rise with a corner office? Think again!

Here are 20 reasons why NOT to start freelancing.

1. You Think It Will Be Easier Than a Corporate Job: You think answering to a single boss is tough. Try dealing with multiple clients, ALL of whom are your boss. After all, they're the ones paying you.

3 reasons why you’re still unemployed

Why am I still out of work? I’ve got the experience, the references and the degree. What else do these people want? The problem probably is that you don’t express what you have to its best advantage. It’s easy to trip yourself up when it comes to trying to get a job and even very smart people falter here. Most of us don’t have a lot of practice at finding jobs because we’re pretty good at doing them. So how do we go wrong?

How To Find A Job When You've Been Looking Forever

It's never been this bad. Many people have been looking for work for 9+ months. Some of them are former senior-level managers who are conducting job searches for the first time.