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Are you a job babbling cliche?

Commonly (ab)used jargon. Whether you are a student looking for that first time or summer job or a long time veteran looking for a change of pace, this JOB SEARCH JARGON should help you get on your way. Enjoy!

COMPETITIVE SALARY: We remain competitive by paying less than our competitors.
FLEXIBLE HOURS: Work 55 hours; get paid for 37.5.
GOOD COMMUNICATION SKILLS: Management communicates, you listen, figure out what they want you to do.
ABILITY TO HANDLE A HEAVY WORKLOAD: You whine, you're fired.


10 job search habits to break in 2011

By Kim Thompson (San Francisco Chronicle Blog)

Here's the challenge: Are the things you're doing to find a job the right things? Are your activities producing results, or are you doing things you've always done and getting little in return?
It's not that you set out to develop job-search habits that don't work. Often, these habits develop over time, until they're barriers, not productive tools.

How to interview your interviewer

Ever notice how when we're jumping through the hoops of an interview, we try to kid ourselves into thinking that money isn't an issue? Ditto goes for other touchy subjects including medical benefits as well as vacation, flex-time and telecommuting.

How To Find A Job When You've Been Looking Forever

It's never been this bad. Many people have been looking for work for 9+ months. Some of them are former senior-level managers who are conducting job searches for the first time.

Top 10 ways to massacre a job application

Here are the top 10 stupid and/or irrelevant things to put on a resume, cover letter or general job application. If you want to get thrown out of the interview process, give these a try:

10. Your religion: Way to get profiled. This has NO place on a resume. Not ever.
9. Your political stance: You may piss off whoever's reading your resume as they may simply not agree with your views.