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ResumeGuru.US offers experienced and affordable IT resume writing services that will get you an interview, guaranteed!* Why struggle in this tough economy to find work? ResumeGuru can help you today with our professional resume writing services that will highlight your star qualities.

Do you need help creating a winning IT resume? Are you seeking professional resume writing services to create a winning resume that will get you the interviews you need to advance your career? In these troubled times it can be extremely difficult to find the job you need to build your retirement, let alone to make ends meet! The first thing your potential employer will see is your resume and cover letter. Why chance it? We can help!

The IT world has not been hurt as badly as many other places during this recession. The jobs are challenging, fun and the workplaces are generally relaxed and encouraging. These qualities are also bolstered by the fact that the degree of technical knowledge draws a fairly large paycheck as well as good benefits. These jobs are highly desired and highly competitive.

IT resume writing can be difficult as many recruiters are not familiar with the complex terminology needed to demonstrate knowledge in the fast paced and changing world of technology. We have the experience and skills to not only get you noticed but to make sure that you’re not passed over for other, less qualified professionals. Whether you're a professional looking for resume writing services for web design, networking, ASP.Net, PHP, Java, Networking, or other technology - your resume will get the notice it deserves.

Remember – you aren't the only one looking for these jobs. Your resume will most likely go through an HR agency that may not notice the achievements that you know your future employers will be impressed with. We know how to bring these out so that even the least technical individuals will be able to see your skills. We also know how to make sure that your resume will get past any automated screened processes that might prevent it from being seen.

We specialize in many different fields including:

  • Executive Resumes
  • IT Resumes
  • Federal Resumes
  • Accounting Resumes
  • Medical Resumes