What is Your Shirt Saying?

Your clothes say a lot about you. But it’s a real problem when they say it for you and won’t let you get a word in edgewise. The job sites (even this one) and discussion boards have quite a bit to say about personal appearance. Now you can see why.

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The Power of Bait

Is your job search taking longer than you expected? Longer than you can afford? There’s a couple of reasons why this might be.

First, how’s your resume? Is it clear? Consistent?
Correct? You’d be surprised how often good people are held back by poorly constructed resumes and cover letters. These are the first things a potential employer will see from you, if they don’t impress you’ll never get the chance to. Of course we’re happy to look over your resume and let you how it stacks up, no charge since we’re friends.

At Least You Don’t Work For This Guy

“I work for a mad man.” When the deal is about to close, the wife’s birthday is coming, the car got hit by a falling tree and there’s an opossum in the air conditioner again the boss can seem a bit crazy. He snaps a little too easy, overreacts and makes you think “Maybe I ought to go somewhere else.” Well, before you do have a look at this, and remember: it could be worse.

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Has Your Job Hunt Hit a Dead End?

Is your job search plan working? A lot of people are finding themselves out of work for far longer than they have been in the past. Partly this is due to the slow economy, but also the state of the art has changed in the world of job searching with the rise of social media and online job search. What has been an effective method of finding work may no longer be so.
There are positions out there, and good ones too, but they’re increasingly hard to find and competed for. If you want one of them, and I know you do, then there are a few things I can suggest that you do.