Sample Resume of Mid-Career Candidate in the Education Industry

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Alice is a talented educator/writer with over 8 years of industry experience who has published papers aplenty. However, her resume didn't show what a valuable asset she could be to an employer. The top 3 issues identified with her resume included:

1) An overly lengthy career summary
2) An overly brief description of her work experience
3) A series of skills sprinkled about in random places in her resume.

Sample Resume of Mid-Career Candidate in the Finance Industry

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Jeet is a seasoned chartered accountant with dreams of becoming of a top financial analyst at a prestigious firm in the middle east. Unfortunately, his resume was wrought with issues that hinder his future employers from understanding just how effective he is. The top 3 issues we identified with his resume included:

1) Weak grammatical structure
2) Boring/repetitive writing style
3) Understated achievements

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Why Video Resumes Backfire on You

This video entitled "Impossible is Nothing" by Aleksey Vayner (a.ka. Aleksey Garber) is hands down the worst video resume / self-promotional material of all time. In fact, this Yale graduate's taste in video recording style and content is so bad, it has earned a place on Wikipedia's hall of shame.

What would you expect from ball room dancing, pep talks and bench pressing all in 5 minutes?

3 ways to ace a software interview

Have an interview with a big IT company like Microsoft, Apple or Google? Not to fear!

Whether you're in quality assurance, testing, development or program manager, here is part 1 of our 3 part series on 10 easy areas that you can practice and study for within 72 hours that will help you nail that job. We've even throw in a few sample questions for you to test yourself. Enjoy!

1) Brainteasers

These are to determine whether or not you are capable of thinking outside the box.