How To Find A Job When You've Been Looking Forever

It's never been this bad. Many people have been looking for work for 9+ months. Some of them are former senior-level managers who are conducting job searches for the first time.

Top 10 ways to massacre a job application

Here are the top 10 stupid and/or irrelevant things to put on a resume, cover letter or general job application. If you want to get thrown out of the interview process, give these a try:

10. Your religion: Way to get profiled. This has NO place on a resume. Not ever.
9. Your political stance: You may piss off whoever's reading your resume as they may simply not agree with your views.

Sample Resume of Student/Early-Career Candidate in Law

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Victor is an recent law graduate with a lot of potential and a great junior track record of intense internships. Unfortunately, his resume made it difficult for private law firms to understand what a great catch he was. The top 3 issues identified with his resume included:

1) Stale, sterile voice
2) Irrelevant extracurricular activities
3) Irrelevant work experience

Sample Resume of Mid-Career Candidate in the Health Technology Industry

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John is an exceptional health care researcher with a lot of intellectual firepower and a blazing track record of published research papers. Unfortunately, his resume didn't showcase his incredible ability to find interesting medical discoveries. The top 3 issues identified with his resume included:

1) An excessive focus on publications
2) An impractical showcase of skills
3) Too much focus on useless info

Sample Resume of Mid-Career Candidate in the Graphic Design Industry

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Belinda is a graphic designer with over 7 years of creative working experience. While she wished to promote her diverse skill set in artistic license, her resume left many employers disinterested. The top 3 issues identified with her resume included:

1) Numerous writing mistakes
2) An absence of value proposition
3) An overly sassy writing tone