18-Year-Old Demands Right To Be Sexually Harrassed In Workplace

This audio clip is absolutely hilarious. It takes about how a strapping young fella would absolutely LOVE to be sexually harrassed in the workplace. I like to think of it as a new form of equality for the ages. Enjoy :)

How to mystify others in the boardroom

PowerPoint presentations and portable computing have become staples of our modern way of life. But what happens when we bring them together?

Amazing things happen!

Promotional videos, training presentations, news releases and even course lectures are in the palm of your hand! The possibilities are endless, but of course there are a few special considerations with this new technology to keep your presentations as clean and smooth as if you were there in the room.

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3 reasons why you’re still unemployed

Why am I still out of work? I’ve got the experience, the references and the degree. What else do these people want? The problem probably is that you don’t express what you have to its best advantage. It’s easy to trip yourself up when it comes to trying to get a job and even very smart people falter here. Most of us don’t have a lot of practice at finding jobs because we’re pretty good at doing them. So how do we go wrong?

How to interview your interviewer

Ever notice how when we're jumping through the hoops of an interview, we try to kid ourselves into thinking that money isn't an issue? Ditto goes for other touchy subjects including medical benefits as well as vacation, flex-time and telecommuting.

8 Awesome Resumes

It’s a very difficult task to create a creative and engaging resume. You want to show your individuality and your inventiveness but that can sometimes cross the line into the territory of egotism or even weirdness. Here are 8 resumes that tread that line beautifully.

1. The facebook profile is one of the most recognizable templates on the web. This savvy media producer used that to her advantage and created a simply outstanding resume.