Are you a job babbling cliche?

Commonly (ab)used jargon. Whether you are a student looking for that first time or summer job or a long time veteran looking for a change of pace, this JOB SEARCH JARGON should help you get on your way. Enjoy!

COMPETITIVE SALARY: We remain competitive by paying less than our competitors.
FLEXIBLE HOURS: Work 55 hours; get paid for 37.5.
GOOD COMMUNICATION SKILLS: Management communicates, you listen, figure out what they want you to do.
ABILITY TO HANDLE A HEAVY WORKLOAD: You whine, you're fired.


12 Job Search Tips

Is your job search off to a slow start or getting stuck? Here are some quick time-saving job search tips that will help your hunt for a new job go smoothly.

1. Be Prepared. Have a telephone answering machine or voice mail system in place and sign-up for a professional sounding email address. Put your cell phone number on your resume so you can follow up in a timely manner. This job search toolkit will help you get everything you need set for your job search.

“Shouldn’t the job go to the most qualified applicant?”

Of course it should, but like my mom used to say “What should be and what is are often 2 different things.”

The sad fact is that getting a job is a different matter than doing it. With the job market being so bad and every potential employer being buried in applications, just getting an interview can be a lot harder than the job it’s for.

10 job search habits to break in 2011

By Kim Thompson (San Francisco Chronicle Blog)

Here's the challenge: Are the things you're doing to find a job the right things? Are your activities producing results, or are you doing things you've always done and getting little in return?
It's not that you set out to develop job-search habits that don't work. Often, these habits develop over time, until they're barriers, not productive tools.

11 signs it's time to change careers (and what to do about it!)

Are you bored with your work (or lack thereof)? How do you know you're doing what you're meant to do? Here are 11 tell-tale signs that it's time for a change. Keep a count of how many apply to you.

11. You'd rather watch television, surf the web or play video games instead of doing fun things with your family and friends.
10. You run up credit card debt convincing yourself that you just need something new in your life to make you feel better or you buy something really extravagant (like a new car) you really can't afford.