Sample Resume of Veteran Candidate in the Human Resources Industry

Apu is a veteran within the human resources industry; with over sixteen years of experience managing staff, aligning strategic businesses, and organizing developments. However, when a career change had Apu applying for a brand new position, it was an old resume that needed its own organizational development and strategic alignment. The top four issues with Apu’s resume included:

1) Unnecessary private information being made available
2) Grammar and tense usage problems
3) Poor information organization
4) Excessive length

Why Hourly Wage Earners Are Happier Than Salaried Workers

Money may not equal happiness, but it's pretty safe to assume that most workers out there tend to like it quite a bit.

While it's obvious that our job satisfaction often coincides with the amount of money we make, something that hasn't been so clear is how the way we earn that money affects us as employees. A recent study found that the relationship between money and happiness is stronger for people paid hourly because they're more often reminded of how much they earn.

3 ways to ease your job search

Ok, sitting at home on the couch munching on junk food won't get you anywhere in this world, just like trying to get a job without sending out some resumes. Here are 3 easy ways to ease your job search.

1) Attend job fairs

Sample Real Estate Executive Resume

Kent Schwartz is an incredibly experienced real estate executive who is looking to join a very large and prominent real estate franchise in a different state as their new chief executive officer. Unfortunately, his preexisting real estate executive resume failed to demonstrate how he has been historically successful as an entrepreneur and business man.