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- Andrew Y, Intern, 2013-02-07 (London, UK).

- Eric P., Fork Lift Operator, 2013-02-07 (Los Angeles, CA).

"Just wanted to says thank you for your help...everything looks fantastic!" - Jon D., Laboratory Assistant, 2012-09-30 (Myrtle Beach, SC).

Sample Resume of Mid-Career Candidate: Military Veteran / Civil Services Industry

Sample Resume of Mid-Career Candidate in Military and Civil Services Industry

Matteo is a successful ex-US special forces military veteran. With over 3 years of experience in land-based military operations and an honorable discharge, he was looking for something new and exciting to protect. Unfortunately, his resume was riddled with bulletholes of inconclusive talents and tactical not-so-exploits. The top three issues identified with his resume included:

1) Descriptive language without justification
2) Repetitive, boring terminology
3) Lack of strategy and business value

Sample Resume of Mid-Career Candidate in the Supply Chain Project Management Industry

Melinda is a successful supply chain / information technology executive; with over four years of experience managing strategies, clients, and consulting programs. However, while Melinda could handle the stress of managing multi-million dollar budgets, her resume could not. When she found herself searching for a new career, after over thirty years at her past position; it was clear her resume was outdated and incapable of highlighting her extremely competitive skill set. The top three issues identified with her resume included:

1) Incorrect narrative voice

Sample Resume of Mid-Career Candidate in the Electrical Engineering Industry

Demetri is an extremely intelligent electrical engineer; with over 15 years of experience managing projects, acquiring relevant goods, and forecasting production finances. However, when Microsoft caught his extremely-qualified eye, his resume was less than qualified to showcase his experience and skills. The top four issues with his resume included:

1) Extremely verbose and repetitive language
2) Typographical errors
3) Bad sentence structure and flow
4) Irrelevant extracurricular activities

Sample Resume of Student/Early-Career Candidate in the Mechanical Engineering Industry

John is a recent college graduate who, along with structural design, has over four years of experience in robotics, aerospace, computers, and electrical engineering. However, when his focus shifted from graduation parties to extensive job searches; he found himself in a bit of a snag. His current resume needed an architect as badly as the employers he was contacting, as it wasn’t built to showcase John’s skill sets or experience. The top three issues identified with his resume included:

1) Irrelevant personal extracurricular activities
2) Poor formatting and punctuation usage