Sample Resume of Mid-Career Candidate in the Health Technology Industry

Service Used: Renovate

John is an exceptional health care researcher with a lot of intellectual firepower and a blazing track record of published research papers. Unfortunately, his resume didn't showcase his incredible ability to find interesting medical discoveries. The top 3 issues identified with his resume included:

1) An excessive focus on publications
2) An impractical showcase of skills
3) Too much focus on useless info

Publications: Over 30% of the content in his resume was simply a bibliography of published papers. While this proves the candidate's ability to do difficult research, employers wouldn't bother to read this long index. ResumeGuru shortened the list only to most recent and prominent papers.

Skills showcase: It seemed like his resume hadn't been fixed since his early certifications since he presented his degrees first rather than focus on what he did with his skills. ResumeGuru reorganized the content so that his accomplishments were front and center while moving his more formal education to the end.

Useless information: He used a lot of extra words such as "month" nouns and phrases that began with "responsible for". However, these words gave a lot of unneed bulk to the general reading flow for the hiring manager which would detract from his results. ResumeGuru stripped these out and rephrased his bulletpoints starting with poignant action words.


At last! someone who

At last! someone who understands! Thanks for posting!

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