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Hyun Robinson is a seasoned IT veteran who specializes in technical training for telecommunications. Unfortunately, his preexisting information technology resume made it difficult for firms to understand what an amazing asset he was but more importantly, how he could easily clone out more technicians who would be just as diligent and thorough as himself. The top 3 issues identified with his IT resume included:

1) Over emphasis of cliché information
2) Unreadable layout
3) Absence of key background information

Cliché Information: His introduction was wrought with generic, weak and overly used terms such as “flexible”, “strong communication skills”, “team player” and “organized” that 99% of applicants use without ever providing justification. ResumeGuru provided a more valued approach demonstrating the unique skill set that this candidate had to offer as well as substantiation of business value he brought to his team and the organization as a whole.

Layout: There was a severe lack of white space, capitalization and punctuation combined with lots and lots of buzzwords and information which made this particular information technology resume very disengaging from a reader’s perspective. ResumeGuru rearranged his content into clearly delineated sections with proper headers and bullet point style content to make it easier for hiring managers to understand each of his individual tasks and accomplishments.

Missing Background: Since he had over 18 years experience, he thought that leaving his education out of his IT resume would be appropriate, which, as far as hiring managers are concerned could be interpreted as a candidate with a high school education or less. ResumeGuru intentionally reintroduced this information back into his information technology resume to show that he is in fact a post-secondary education graduate who is worthy of a higher salary.

With an updated IT resume under his belt, he was to apply and get a new job within 4 applications.

Service Used: Renovate for Information Technology Resumes

Some simple IT resume tips that you can learn from Hyun?

Adhere to hiring manager’s standard for what’s expected within information technology resumes for mid-career folks, information technology resumes for seasoned veterans and information technology executive resumes as a whole, including:

- Lots of strong IT keywords in regards to the technology (hardware, software, firmware, devices, platform)
- Being able to denote percentage improvement of IT performance due to intervention on the candidates part
- Ability to teach others so that delegation of work is possible

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