20 Reasons Why NOT To Be A Freelancer

Wouldn't it be great to be your own boss?

Absolutely not!

Everyone talks like free-lancing is the best thing in the world but it's actually a really tough choice to make. Are people schmucks just because they want to work out of a tall high-rise with a corner office? Think again!

Here are 20 reasons why NOT to start freelancing.

1. You Think It Will Be Easier Than a Corporate Job: You think answering to a single boss is tough. Try dealing with multiple clients, ALL of whom are your boss. After all, they're the ones paying you.

2. You Don't Have Much Experience: Ok, so you aren't straight out of school. Heck, maybe you are. How are you going to prove that you're capable of finishing projects?

3. You Have No Business Sense: Can you balance your books? What about handling taxes? Know anything about building a business plan? Bet you've never tried balancing all that ON TOP OF marketing, public relations, invoicing and more.

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