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Demonstrate your abilities with each job application in a comprehensive, concise and yet value-adding way with a ResumeGuru resume and cover letter. At ResumeGuru, we combine strategic thought with expert industry insight on hiring to highlight your best assets through elegant, persuasive and results-driven resume and cover letter rewrites. As professional expert resume consultants, we write the kind of resumes, curriculum vitae and cover letters that bring in more interviews that you can handle.

10 reasons to have ResumeGuru rewrite your resume

10) We aren't afraid to showcase our work because we know we can generate the career results you need. Check out our sample resumes.
9) We evaluate your existing resume for free. If you’re happy with the outcome, just walk away - there’s no obligation to buy anything.
8) We personalize each and every resume and cover letter we send out. If you can find a case where we didn’t we will give you your money back. It’s that simple.
7) We know how to get past automated screening and make your qualifications jump out at human readers. Your documents will get to hiring managers and they’ll know instantly what you have to offer the company.
6) We can make you appear more confident, competent and productive so that you stand out over other applicants.
5) We can craft a memorable and personable cover letter for you so that recruiters want to meet you.
4) We’ll tell you how to nail the interview and even teach you to negotiate a better salary and benefits.
3) We only do resume and cover letter writing, that lets us charge 80% less than other writing agencies.
2) Certainly not to be scoffed at: Resume and cover letter services are tax-deductible. That’s right, the government will PAY YOU to improve your chances of getting a job!
1) We guarantee that you'll get an interview or your money back!

How the ResumeGuru rewrite process works

Our easy 3-step process will have your career back on track in no time:

1) Choose the service that best suits your current needs
2) Place your order
3) Receive exclusive access to the ResumeGuru customer platform.

That's it! Your specifically chosen career expert will handle your account personally and evaluate your current resume/curriculum vitae, cover letter, job description or any other information you feel we need to know to serve you best. Best of all, we'll work WITH you to make sure you're happy with your documents.

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